Saturday, April 26, 2008

how to make a baby laugh

hand puppets, christmas lights, magnets, band toys, smell vanilla extract, masks, hats, red clown nose, whip cream sounds, key board, mirror mirror, yodel, confetti, treasure hunt, bubbles, bubble bath, bubble gum, blow straw bubbles in a glass, wiggle nose, wiggle ears, water balloons, water hose, shower milk carton, spray bottle, squirt gun, water toys, balls float, sail boat, live jack in the box, suck noodle, exaggerated sneeze, silly faces, rap, break dance, piggy toes, peek-a-boo, pat-a-cake, polka, lambada, hula grass skirt, noogie, schamooch, a knuckle tickle, domino effect, peee-youuu! stinky feet, party noise makers, tap glass chimes, swing in a sheet hammock, raspberry, zerbit, pea & shells, golf ball shoe box, 2 headed horse sheet, woodens spoons, airplane, choo choo train, fake snore, suction cup forhead, knee bounce horse rides, tin soldier statue, burry dad in sand, big diaper on dad or grandpa, drop bag of balloons from second story window, comedian double take jerry lewis,

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