Saturday, April 26, 2008


HOW TO STOP NAGGING- Ask yourself "Will it matter 10 years from now?", Clear expectations, structure, simple routine, post reminders, one word reminders, kindly correct, expect childish behavior, choose your battles, allow some mess, allow your own needs, walk in child’s moccasins, positive attitude, get out of the way, point out what needs to be done not what’s wrong, The message we want our children to hear is "You are capable. I have confidence in you".

CONSEQUENCES- natural consequences, not a punishment, ignore behavior, ignore child, distraction, warning, hairy eyeball, time out, take away privilege, have child write it down, talk later, repeat action 10 times, more work (gentle roundup method), reprimand, address the behavior, don't label child as a person. signal/ word "problem!"one word "lights, floor, coat, flush!"Call a "do-over", immediate opportunity to make it right.

BEHAVIOR- Ignores, tunes out parents, interrupting, forgetting, laziness, whining, tantrum, not dependable, refuse to eat, go to bed, lie, steal, cuss, insults, hit, bite, fight, endanger self or others, destructive, back talk, disrespectful to adults, disobeys, deliberate defiance,
* * *
Time & Attention1. listen - take care of yourself so that you are emotionaly available at the crossroads of their lives.2. read to them every day3. hugs & cuddles

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, there's a time and place for nagging, for sure. Reassurance is always good, though - sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.