Saturday, April 26, 2008

do it not

100 ways to make love without doing it- BE* Be best friends *Be faithful*Respect each other *Trust one another *GIFTS/ FLOWERS * Make each other gifts *Send flowers send candy *Give or receive a promise ring *Give diamonds *Give a special gift *MUSIC *Dedicate a song on the radio *Choose a special favorite song *Give a special tape of love songs *WRITE *Send a funny card *Hide a love note were the other will find it *Write a poem *Write each other letters *PHYSICAL *Play footsy *Hold one another close *Listen to her heart *Breath *Touch each other in a loving wa y*Hold hands *Giver or get a hug *Snuggle up together *Cuddle *Kiss *CARE *Think about each other *Be caring/ listening *TALK/LISTEN *Find out what makes the other sad *Share a private joke *Share lifetime *goals with each other *Find out what makes the other happy *Read a book and discuss it *Promise marriage *Whisper something nice into the others ear *Talk on the telephone *Use eye contact to share a private thought *Listen to joys *Talk to each other *Find out what is special to the other person and do it *Give compliments *Share dreams with each other *Talk openly about your feelings *Tell the other person that you care *Tell the other “I love you” *FUN* Go skiing *Go horseback riding *Take a carriage ride through the park *Go out dancing *Go to a concert, movie, etc *Play a game of Frisbee *Go swimming *Go to the library *Brows in a museum *FOOD *Share an ice-cream cone *Cook each other’s favorite food *Eat dinner by candlelight *SPECIAL * Have our picture taken together *TOGETHER * Watch the sunset *Meat each others friends *Play music together *Flirt with each other *Laugh together *Go site seeing *Rent a video *Give each other sexy looks *Go for moonlight walk *Meet each other’s family *Go hiking together *Go fishing *Gaze into each other’s eyes *Exercise together *Go for a long bike ride or walk *Just be there *Throw a party together *Do homework together *Plan and go on a road trip together *Just be close *Breath *Go grocery shopping *Relax in a whirlpool *Sit together in the park *Take a walk together *Walk arm in arm in the woods *Be there when a friend is needed *Spend time togethergod to a movie *Cook a meal together *Bake cookies *Go out to eat *Have a picnic *Have fun together *Watch the sun rise *Take a drive* *DO *Give each other pet names *Impress each other *Make a list of things you like about each other *Do things for each other without being asked *Do a work project together *Make sacrifices for each other *Wash each other’s cars *Make the other person feel important and respected

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