Saturday, April 26, 2008

50 secrets

50 secrets to a better companionship
by victor m. parachin

time & attention- 1. partner first – then children, etc2. say it – I love you3. play together4. talk – t.v. off5. laugh6. listen7. read inspirational together8. regular date night9. magic words – love, thank, sorry10. forgive11. encourage12. teach vs. nag13. love notes – pocket, mirror, pillow, car14. list nurturing ideas15. hold eachother16. patience17. postage stamp love letter18. schedule nothing19. physical play20. look back21. celebrate monthly22. dedicate radio23. surprise24. lingerie25. creative lovemaking26. plan evenings27. love letter28. celebrate success29. speak respectfully30. compliments31. praise publicly - adds value32. comfortable bedroom33. creative roses, bonsai, lrg plant34. Saturday afternoon35. practice courtship, dating36. weekend marriage reatreat37. share feelings 38. art of compromise, synergise39. thoughtful surprise, many little things40. manners41. gas tank, wash car, lawn, meal42. brief vacations43. available44. rules for fighting fair45. learn together – in common46. maturity – keep secrets, dont let it all hang out47. privacy48. kindness49. liberal praise – cautious critism50. golden rule – common curtisy

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