Saturday, April 26, 2008


It takes ~79 volunteers to fully equip an LDS ward. Of these callings, 20 must be women (RS, YW, Primary), 29 must be men (Bishopric, HPGL, EQP, SSP, YM, WML, clerk, ex sec.) and 30 can be either (pianists, choristers, sunday school teachers, primary teachers.) 27 of all the callings together are teaching positions.(RS/YW/YM/HP/EQ/SS/Primary teacher) The most powerful person in terms of direct reports are the Bishop and the Primary President (who both have 16 direct reports, though both can deligate this out to their councilors). The least powerful leaders are the EQP and the HPGL, both with for direct reports. ~ Matt W.

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