Saturday, April 26, 2008

master lists


Grannies purse-
hanky, photos, tic tacs, address book, passport, compact mirror, lip stick, perfume, pearls, ribbon, postage stamps, postcards, letters, pencil, coin purse, bifocals, asprin, candy, monkey wrench, swiss army knife, needle & thread, safety pens, bandaids.. /My purse- Cash/Checkbook, American Express, Sunglasses, Cell phone, digital recorder, Chap stick, Gum/mints. /Diaper bag- Water Bottle, Jerky, nuts, seaweed, porkrinds, Camera, Journal, Book, Diapers, Hand Wipes.. /Makeup pouch- chap stick, blistex, comb, concealer, lip stick, tylenol, benadryl, tweezers, gum.. /Church bag- Scriptures, Manuel, Notepad, pencil, tic tacs, cheerios, crayons.. /Inbox- to cleaning out purse, receipts, coins, notes, junk, walky talky, sun glasses, hat, charger, camera, batteries, mints.. /Outbox- returns, mail, videos, library books

Overnight bag- watch, cell phone, charger, camera, batteries, walky talky, sunglasses, bifocals, hairband, chapstick, lotion, notepad, pen, book, laptop, adress book, wipes, kleenex, mints, master list.. /food- water jug, baby water, jerky, nuts, dry fruit, seaweed, redbull, b shot, gum, mints, fruit bars, fruit, chips, carob, /shower- saline mist, toothbrush, paste, dial soap, conditioner, shampoo, q-tips, cotton, tampons, baby oil, razors, deoderant, /hair- comb, pick, brush, banana clip, hair band, mirror, hair spray, baby hair bands, detangler, /makeup- jewlery, cream, oxy cleanser, lipstick, powder, blush, mascera, eye liner, tweezer, nose clipper, nail clipper, scissors, nail glue.. /first aid- benedril, tylenal, ambien, cystex, candidus, condoms, vitamins, water, meds, cordesone, anti itch, string, duck tape, bags, rain coat, unbrella, carosene pills, mushroom pills, laxative, suppositories, stool softner, condoms,.. /clothes- spare shoes, sandles, socks, undies, jacket, hat, robe, towel, swim suit, /comfort- sleep ambien, lavendar oil, pillow.. zip lock bags

Gym bag- water, raisins, i.d. card, notepad, undies, socks, shower bag,

Camping- fluids, jerky, nuts, mints, stroller, camera, cell phone, charger, vits, meds, dimitap, first aid kit. /pack- swimsuit, hat, sunglasses, sandles, socks, undies, robe, jackets, clothing layers, unbrella, pancho. /toiletries- face cloth, body soap, toothpaste-brush, lotion, deoderant, hair bands-brush-combs, bandana, razor, astringent, face cream, concealer, makeup. /firstaid- liquid bandages, sun screen, bug spray, benadril, melatonin, vit/ meds. ointment, lip balm, /rerservations- Leave plan & route with reliable friendCamp. Box 1- bedding, air mattress, cot. Box 2- shelter, lawn chairs, essentials. Box 3- clothing, hygiend, first aid, reading, paper, games. Box 4- heating, lighting, cooking, newspaper, paper goods, cleaning supplies, duct tape, cord, cotton string, buckets, t.p. mountain money, Chuck Box 5- menu, water, food, numchies, can goods, dry goods, ice box, chuck box.. /1. Bedding-sleeping bags, air mattress, matts, cots, blankets, pillows, air pump.. /2. Shelter- canopy, tent, tarp, tent sealer, snake sulfer, bug screen, throw rugs, law chairs, fold away table, coleman, toys. Essentials- water, cooler, h2o perifier, cantene, back pack, fanny pack, pocket knife, map, compass, small shovel, minie tools, ax, hatchet, machete, rake, broom, tentlight, flash light, fm radio, winter ice axe, snow shoes, hand warmers. /First Aid- snake bit kit.. /3. Clothing- swim suit, laundry bag, thermal underware, many socks, estra shoes, long sleeves, sweats, sweater, scarf, jacket, pancho, rubber boots, gloves, hat, bandana, handkerchief, sunglasses, air mask, walking staff.. /Hygene- towels, face cloth, body soap, toothpaste-brush, lotion, deoderant, hair bands-brush-combs, bandana, razor, astringent, face cream, concealer, makeup.. /Optional- reading, bible, journal, paper, pen, scout book, geo feildguid, games, kites, frisbee, camera, film, batteries, cellphone, charger, binnoculars, watch, sweing kit, whistle, walky talky, walking stick, fishing gear, guitar, cheet music, harmonica, mp3, boom box.. /4. Heating/Lighting- water proof matches, lighter, newspaper, candles, charcoal, lighter fluid, chimney, propain, stove, lamps, fuel, batteries, flash light.. /Papergoods- heafty bags, toilet paper, paper towels, hand cleaner, tin foil, trash bags, ziplock bags, paper plates, paper cups, utinensles, scewers, dish soap, body soap, laundry soap, clothes line, clohtes pins, tub, dish rack, dish towels, s.o.s. pads, scrubbies, tin cans, tubs, buckets, table clothes, towels.. /5. Cooking- can opener, tongs, wisk, camp stove, grill, criddle, roasting sticks, tea kettles, stock pot, cutch oven, fruit bowls, wok, fry pan, chimney, measuring cup, bowls, wood sppons, spatula, chop block, cleaver, stake knives, table cloth, clotheline, pins, duck tape.. Chuck Box- salt, lawreys, pepper, curry, sugar, honey, maple syrup, oil, can milk, flour, rice, beans, corn meal, bread, rolls, pancake mix, marshmellows, Ice Box- blue ice, steak, sausage, bacon, ham, eggs, hot dogs, bolognia, cheese, mayo, butter, milk, cream, pudding.. /Snacks- trail mix, jerky, nuts, candy, chips, crackers, hot cocoa, tea, cold cereal, mack cheese.. /Canned Goods- can milk, soup, sauce, tuna, spam, juice.. /Beverages- water bottles, gater aid, punch cooler, lemon aid, pop, rootbeer floats, tub of ice, hot cocoa, tea.. /Menu- french toast.. /Back Pack- survival blanket, cantene, t.p., trail mix, compass, orange ribbon.. Man! for roughing it we sure need a whole household and material goods!
* * *


omega 3, multi, B6, B12, B complex, cal/mag, acidophiles, pycnogenal, sam-e, C,D,A,E,/ p.m.- gaba, milk thistle, grapeseed,

color therapy, aroma therapy, sound wave therapy (alpha, beta, gamma, delta waves), light therapy (1000 lux full spectrum), 'natural calm' magnesium powder

Red -
Drive and energy. Orange - Vitality and zest for life. Yellow- Concentration and strengthening of the nerves.. Green- Energy Balance and harmony. Turquoise- Clarity and Understanding.. Blue- Strength building and relaxation.. Violet- Inspiration and spiritualism

Mood Ring
Dark blue:
Happy, romantic or passionate Blue: Calm or relaxed.. Blue-green: Somewhat relaxed.. Green: Normal or average.. Amber: A little nervous or anxious.. Gray: Very nervous or anxious.. Black: Stressed, tense or feeling harried

Aroma Therapy
essential oils:
motivating cloves, cheering citris, strengthening cedar/pine, sanctifying frankincense, renewing lemon, joyful grapefruit, calming lavender/chamomile, balancing clary sage.

how to stay 'awake' while driving/study..
chew gum, sing, talk, roll down windows, be cool not warm, turn up the radio, peppermint oil, rosemary, red bull, green tea, the pee pee dance, kiegle exercises, sunflower seeds, tongue wagging, ..caffiene, chew on ice, sunflower seeds with shell, slapp your face, hold the pee, get enough sleep, activating soundwave therapy, chinese fire drills, ceyenne pepper capsules, b shot,

Bedtime & First Thing A.M.*
Protein (casein, whey, egg, soy)* L-Glutamine (not feed off existing muscle)* Multi Vit, Omega 3 *Amino Acids P.M.- Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine* Gaba* Desicated Liver *Post Workout* Creatine (power- *load* first 5 days 4x/day *Other* Nitric Oxide (circulation)* HMB (burn fat, build muscle)* Anti Estrogens

lavendar, gamma sound waves, white noise, chi gong, meditation, belly breath, reading light, journal, note pad, valerian, exercise..chant: have you had enough yet?, magnets, american ginseng, valerian, protein shake, natural calm magnezium beverage powder, 5HTP, B150, enzymes, ritual, shower, warm milk, hot soup, turkey, fan, fresh air, white noise, beta waves (alpha, beta, gamma, delta) music, warm feet, cool head, cool room, bean bag, body pillow, mattress pad, sacred space, breath circles, meditation, focus on one thought, yoga, stretch, tai chichi gong, message, acupuncture, acupressure, magnetic therapy, bio feedbackself, hypnosis, don't fight it, don't struggle in quick sandtalk, chat, phone, pray, talk to self, exercise, diet, no stimulants, no media, no radiation in bedroom, if media funny no news, no dust, benadryl, melatonin, ambien, sonata, desyrel- trazodonerequip- leg quinine- tonic water

protein shake w/ fiber-psyllium, natural calm magnesium powder, senna prompt w/redbull, fish oil, raisin bran, alli , vinigar, cinnimon

Lucky 9-
Oats/Barley, Yogurt, Soy, Beans, Apples, Cabbage, Sea Veg Sushi, Fish, Seeds,
* * *


Children's Daily Tasks
'Return & Report' Accountability System- a.m.-
Teeth, Bed. p.m.- Homework, Piano, ReadVitamins, H2O . Chores- trash, laundry, tidy, Shower, teethCalendar, Lay out Clothes, Set Dinner Table, Family Reading, Lullabies, Cuddles.. Bonus or Discipline- clean car, toilet, floor, yard, animals, windows, dust, sit-ups, pushups, lunges, minister to mom a foot rub, back scratch, leg wax, brush hair.. remember to pray and choose the right.

bowling, swimming, sign language, planetarium, bike, write, walk, yoga, games, hike, kite, dentist, snowman, journal goals, compliment, interview dad, b/w photography, rain dance.. Sunnyside park- duck pond/ Waterfall bridge Main st/ Chipman trail/ Kite – look out park// Perkins House/ Science Center/ Museums/ Green house/ Arboretum/ Mnt goats/ grizzly/ Train Ride// Bowling Zeppos/ Ice Skating/ Movies/ Book Store – Library/ snow sledding/ rock climbing/ lazer tag/ frizbee - golf/ jousting/ kamiak butte/ steptoe butte/ sand dunes/ boyer park/ Hike trails/ Rent Bike/ dance – latin/ cinco de mayo/ pow wow/ farmers market/ lentle fest/ Teach enrichment/ xmas store/ cardstock/ mall- pretzels / tri state/ student recreation center, tip: portable dvd players for traveling with children.

Baby Bath Basket
Johnson’s baby lotion (my favorite scent), Johnson’s baby soap, Johnson’s baby shampoo, Desitin – zinc oxide, Bath toys in a net bag, Hooded Towel, extra towel, soft wash cloths, Diapers, Onesie, Socks, P.J.s

Newborn Supplies
crib, drawers, changing table, rocking chair, play pin, corral, cradle, baby swing, infant car seat, stroller, gates, high chair.. Bedding- comforter, sheets, wedge, receiving blanket.. Feeding- glass bottles, dryer rack, scrubber, nuki, formula, 2 shaker bottle, glass jug. Bathing- bath tub, towels, wash clothes, cloth diapers, baby lotion, baby oil, baby shampoo, baby soap, alcohol, cotton balls, hair brush, clippers, bath toys.. Clothing- onesies, draw string gown, one piece p.j., going out clothes, coat, socks, shoes, robies, hat, hair piece, bibs. Changing- diaper bag, diapers, wipes, desitin, micatine, neosporin plus.. Misc- dreft, borax, baby gym toy, excersaucer, mobile, child proof gadgets, potty train seat, baby book, photo album, film. Maternity- nursing bra, night gown, blouses, pillow, step, pump. Hospital- housecoat, deck of cards, Coaching- timer, tenis ball for back ache, count down to 30 and tell her when she is over the hump to avoid dispair. Breath.

Baby Names
Andre, Anwar, Austin, Blaze, Chase, Clay, Clint, Duncan, Forest, Miles, Pancho, Orin Porter Rockwell, Rocco, Roman, Jules Gidean, Elijah Blue. Isaac Preston is my favorite. lol. Girl- Olivia, Belinda, Calliope, Chloe, Daisy, Denver, Dallas, McKayla, McKenzie, Madison, Lindsey, Lottie, Lourdes, Summer, Tempest, Zoe.
* * *


Goal Planner
detailed, conservative language.. Measurable- lbs., dollars, %, time, etc. Active- break down into daily, regular, or baby steps, Realistic- do-able. Time Specific- time line, calendar, accountability partner. Goal- Title, Description, Objective.. Date- Start, Finish. Action- step 1, step 2, step 3 etc. Details- persons involved, expense, notes.. Completed- Date, Accountability partners signature

finger tip file-
contact, order, pending, bills, to file. Auto- car title, registration.. household-i nventory, warranties, service contracts.. I.D.- birth, marriage, death certificate, citizenship paper, passport, social security, pet registration, horse pedigree.. Insurance- policies.. Investment- annuities, money market, trust records, stocks, bonds, fund certificates.. military- discharge, annual pension. Personal- wills, employment, education. Property- warrantee deeds, titles, improvement receipts, deeds, mortgage, appraisals, lease, canceled rent, mortgage. Check/savings- accounts, ira, keogh, 401 (k), pass books. Taxes- canceled checks, tax returns

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Wow, there are a LOT of little nitty-gritties that everyone has to keep track of to even do the basic things. It's gotta be very organized, and you gotta know where your stuff is.