Saturday, April 26, 2008

kindergarten readiness


NAME1. print name

NUMBERS2. count orally to 103. count objects to 10

COLORS4. appropriately points to colors named (red, blue, yellow, green, black, white, brown, orange, purple.)5. appropriately names colors of objects

SHAPES6. names shapes (circle, square, triangle, diamond, rectangle) 7. draws circle, square, cross, triangle (first traces, then copies)

CONSTRUCTION8. draws (objects, people)9. colors (staying in lines, uses appropriate colors)10. cuts with scissors11. puts puzzles together12. plays with clay or play dough

SOCIAL1. answers telephone2. makes simple store purchase3. gives own order in restaurant4. plays with other children, takes turns5. plays board games, card games6. responds to new adults and children when meeting them

LANGUAGE1. speaks in complete sentences 2. repeats back a sentence 3. repeats back four numbers 4. names objects5. carries out directions6. remembers nursery rhymes, songs7. listens to story, answers questions, tell stories

IDENTITY8. gives full name9. knows sex10. gives address, telephone number

CONCEPTS11. knows concepts: on, in, under, besides, behind, in front of, top, bottom, left, right, next, first, last, most, least, etc.

LARGE MOTOR1. skips, jumps, hops2. stand on one foot3. walk on line4. walk backward 5. bounces, catches, throws ball6. somersaults

FINE MOTOR7. ties shoes. 8. Does buttons, snaps, zippers9. uses knife for spreading and cutting

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