Saturday, April 26, 2008


guide to friendship troubles- If you can learn to take care of yourself, to stick up for yourself in relationships, you’ll have learned one of lifes most important lessons. Nobody can stomp on you unless you let them.1. can we talk? hear me out. 2. Remember the other day? 3. Well, It’s been bothering me. 4. I was really hurt by.. 5. How do you see what happened?– What did you mean by that? 6. Maybe we have to agree to disagree on that 7. Our friendship means a lot to me, and I want to work this out? 8. Remedy – I would feel better if.. 9. Have I hurt you? 10. I am sorry 11. you can be open and direct with me, Do you respect me too? Do you want to be ordinary friends or more?pick good time and placeplan what to say. stick to feelings not shortcomings. listen, listen, listen.

true friend test- are they open minded and respect you? If not move on. no time. When together I feel good about myself. we share eachothers feelings. she listens. comfortable silence. give and take. she brings out the best in me. we never run out of things to talk about. she won’t cut me down. she stands up for me.

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