Saturday, April 26, 2008


Vocabulary of Feelings- don't make it personal. labels fragment people. Let us identify specific behaviors and feelings rather than demonize and patronize each other. Most often gentle respectful correction or a reminder is all it takes (ie. "Do-over"). Brash statements and nit picky criticism can have violent consequences. Let us pick our battles carefuly and not sweat the small stuff. Stick to how you feel. "I feel_____" vs. "you are_____" State level of intensity, strong, moderate, mild.

AFRAID - terrified, frightened, intimidated, horrified, desperate, panicky, terror stricken, stage fright, dread, vulnerable, paralyzed, - afraid, scared, fearful, apprehensive, jumpy, shaky, threatened, distrustful, risky, alarmed, butterflies, risks, awkward, defensive - nervous, anxious, unsure, hesitant, timid, shy, worried, uneasy, bashful, embarrassed, ill at ease, doubtful, jitters, on edge

CARE - tenderness toward, affection, captivated, attached to, devoted to, adoration, loving, infatuated, enamored, cherish, idolize, revere, honor, worship - caring, fond of, regard, respectful, admiration, concern for, hold dear, prize, taken with, turned on, trust, close - warm toward, friendly, like, positives toward,

GLAD - thrilled, on cloud nine, ecstatic, overjoyed, excited, elated, sensational, exhilarated, fantastic, on top of the world, turned on, euphoric, enthusiastic, delighted, marvelous, great, cheerful, lighthearted - happy, serene, wonderful, up, aglow, glowing, in high spirits, jovial, riding high, elevated, neat - glad, good, contented, satisfied, gratified, pleasant, pleased, fine

MAD - furious, enraged, seething, outraged, infuriated, burned up, pissed off, fighting mad, nauseated, violent, indignant, hatred, bitter, galled, vengeful, vicious - resentful, irritated, hostile, annoyed, frustrated, upset with, agitated, mad, aggravated, offended, antagonistic, exasperated, belligerent, mean, vexed, spiteful, vindictive, uptight, disgusted, bugged, turned off, put out, miffed, irked perturbed, ticked off, teed off, chagrined, cross, dismayed, impatient,

SAD - desolated, dejected, hopeless, alienated, depressed, gloomy, dismal, bleak, in despair, empty, barren, grieved, grief, despair, grim - distressed, upset, downcast, sorrowful, demoralized, discouraged, miserable, pessimistic, tearful, weepy, rotten, awful, horrible, terrible, blue, lost, melancholy - unhappy, down, low, bad, blah, disappointed, sad, glum

HURT - crushed, destroyed, ruined, degraded, pained, wounded, devastated, tortured, disgraced, humiliated, anguished, at the mercy of, cast off, forsaken, rejected, discarded - hurt, belittled, shot down, overlooked, abused, depreciated, criticized, defamed, censured, discredited, disparaged, laughed at, maligned, mistreated, ridiculed, devalued, wronged, mocked, scoffed at, used, exploited, debased, slammed, slandered, cheapened - put down, neglected, overlooked, minimized, let down, lonely - isolated, abandoned, all alone, forsaken, cutoff - lonely, alienated, estranged, remote, alone - left out, excluded, lonesome, distant, aloof

CONFUSED - bewildered, puzzled, baffled, perplexed, trapped, confounded, in a dilemma, quandary, full of questions, confused - mixed up, disorganized, foggy, troubled, adrift, lost, going around in circles - uncertain, unsure, bothered, minimized, let down, disconcerted, frustrated, in a bind, ambivalent, disturbed, helpless, embroiled, uncertain

INADEQUATE - worthless, good for nothing, washed up, powerless, helpless, impotent, crippled, inferior, emasculated, useless, finished, like a failure - inadequate, whipped, defeated, incompetent, inept, overwhelmed, ineffective, lacking, deficient, unable, small, insignificant, unfit, unimportant, incomplete, no good, immobilized, lacking confidence, unsure of yourself, uncertain, weak, inefficient

GUILT- shame, humiliated, unforgivable, disgraced, horrible, mortified, exposed, sick at heart, ashamed, guilty, remorseful, crummy, to blame, lost face, demeaned, regretful, wrong, embarrassed, at fault, in error, responsible for, blew it, goofed, lament,

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