Saturday, April 26, 2008

enrichment activities

LDS Activity Ideas- 72 hour kits, 72 hour survival skills (compass/map reading, knot tying, first aid), Aerobics class, Anger management, Art appreciation, Attitude adjustment, Auction, Badminton tournament, Ball hockey, Ballroom dancing, Basic mending, Basics of reading music, Basketball, Bath Sachets, BBQ, Beauty tips, Bike ride, Board games (LDS board games here, listed at the bottom), Bon fire (hot dog/marshmallow roast), Bowling, Bubble blowing contest, Budgeting, Building self esteem, Calligraphy, Camping, Candy making, Candy wrappers, Chocolate Bars, Mini Chocolate Bars, Gum Wrappers, SoulSavers), Canning, Canoeing, Car maintenance: how to jump start a car/change a tire/change oil, Card making, Charades, Cheap family vacations, Chili cook-off, Chocolate making/dipping, Christmas advent stories/books (see Christmas Category), Computer class, Cookbooks (See Refreshment Category), Cooking with beans, Cooking with honey, Coupon books (chores for family/friends), Crafts, Creative dating ideas, Creative writing, Crepe/pancake breakfast social, Crime prevention class, Crochet, Crock pot party or class, Cross-stitch, Cultural event (food/items from other cultures/countries), Curtain making, Dance (ballet, country, tap, swing, square dance, highland, etc), Dehydrating and/or freezing foods, Dessert contest (judged by primary children), Drama/play/musical event, Drawing class, Dutch oven cooking, Easy hair cutting, Etiquette/formal dining, Family history (genealogy), Family Home Evening ideas/kits, Family Home Evening Games, Fashion show (modern/oldies/clothes from scriptures/other cultures), Fireside, First aid, Fishing, Floral arranging/silk flower making, Food storage, Football, Fortune cookies (with LDS fortunes!), framing family treasures, Freelance writing, Frugal living, Games (Puzzles, Games, Quizzes), Gardening, Get to know you, Goal setting and achieving, Grand parenting ideas, Growing indoor plants, Guess the picture of each person as a baby, Halloween party, Health, Hike, Historic church trip, History class, History tour, Hold a free musical concert (instruments/choirs/etc), Hollywood Squares, Home decorating, Home repair, Homemade jam/jelly, Homemade pizza
How to be a self learner (using resources to learn: books, internet, libraries), How to choose flattering clothing, How to color hair, Instrument class (everyone tries using different instruments), Internet safety, Internet use for family needs and church calling, Jewelry making, Job preparation (resume writing, interviews, looking for work, etc), Journal keeping, Knitting, Learning to listen and communicate, Leather working, Make a book (story/coloring book/activity book), Make a video (many digital cameras take video clips, WinXP comes with video editing software), Make personalized clocks (example, instructions), Make Sunday boxes (with things to do on Sundays), Marriage management (Top 10 Articles on Marriage), Meal planning class, Mechanics, Meditation, Miniature golf (make your own course), Missionary letters (see Missionary Shirt Card), Missionary open house (for friends and family to get to know church members), Money management, budgeting/saving/retirement/etc), Music appreciation, Music conducting, Nutrition, Organizational course (how to get organized), Overcoming fear, Painting, Paper dolls, Paper folding, Parenting ideas, Patriotic class/history of your country, Petting zoo, Photograph, Picnic, Pillow making (decorative), Place mat making, Plant care (fertilizing, transplanting, propagating), Poetry class (learn to write/read poetry), Poetry readings, Positive thinking, Potluck meal, Pottery, Preparation for patriarchal blessings, Puzzle party, Quilting, Recipe books (See Refreshment Category), Recycling course/tips, Redoing furniture, Rock climbing, Roller skating/ice skating, Scavenger hunt, Scrapbooking (How to Scrapbook), Scripture study course, Sculpting class, Self defense, Share spiritual experiences, Shelf making, Sign Language class, Skits (Harried Harriet and the Germinator), Softball, Stain removing, Story telling, Stress management, Study a foreign country, Sugar cube Temples, Swimming, Teaching children, Tell stories from personal history, Temple preparation, Temple trip, Testimony sharing, Theme parties (medieval, Hawaiian, etc.), Treasure hunt, Trunk or treat (parking lot Halloween party), Ultimate frisbee, Visit a museum, Visit an art exhibit, Volleyball, Watch sunrise (tell stories/share testimonies), Weekend getaway (night out), Weight training, White water rafting, Wood working, Yoga (or other type of relaxation/exercise)LDS Service Ideas, Adopt a friend/child (do services and activities for/with), Adopt a pet, Christmas boxes for needy children/families, Clean someone's car (inside and out), Clean someone's home, Clean the church (inside and outside/grounds), Cook meals for needy/elderly, Do someone's laundry, Donate blood, Donate clothes/toys/house hold items, Free car wash, Give Christmas trees to needy at Christmas time, Help out at shelters/hospitals/nursing homes, Hygiene kits (for shelters), Litter cleanup (roads/parks), Make stuffed toys/dolls for children, Missionary letters and packages(see Missionary Shirt Card), Organize rides to church for those without transportation, Read to elderly, Service Scavenger Hunt, Singing at hospitals/nursing homes, Story telling to children, Surprise visit (with treats or gifts) to less active, Teach reading to the illiterate, Wash windows (members/church/other buildings/homes), Yard cleanup (grass/weeds/leaves/snow/etc),

1) One is a playgroup for the stay-at-home moms. This can be held once a week or once a month. It can be held at a park, at the church or rotate between homes. This can be as formal or an informal as you would like. Some groups offer a craft for the children to complete. Others simply allow the kids to come together to play, and this allows the mom a chance to talk.

2) Another activity is a book club. This gives the sisters the chance together once every month or every other month to discuss a book that the group has read together. It also provides a chance for socialization, and intellectual conversation (which can be difficult for mothers of small children to have). Generally book clubs meet in a home, but they can also meet at the church.

3) A service group is another idea for an Enrichment activity. You can have a big service night or you can set up a group that gets together once a month to tie quilts or make pillows, or assemble personal care kits. It is good if you can find service opportunities that will benefit the community.

4) You can also set up Enrichment activities that teach basic skills, such as budgeting, cooking, sewing, home decorating, and car maintenance. A survey of the sisters' needs and interests can help to determine the subject of the classes.

5) Another idea is to set up a craft or special interest group. You can offer various crafts for the sisters to learn. You can also set up a special interest group such as scrapbooking or toll painting. This will allow the sisters to socialize, while working on something that they enjoy.

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