Monday, March 10, 2008


"Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father in Heaven is perfect". I use to drive myself into the ground with some abstract 'task list' idea of perfection. Until Neal A. Maxwell point out that to be perfect is simply 'The Be-attitudes' tought at the sermon on the mount. To 'be' a peacemaker, merciful, patient, courageous, meek, pure.. This is the higher law that fullfilled the lesser law, the 10 commandments. It is not so much about 'doing' as 'being' in relation to Jesus priesthood order. To "return and report". Perfection is often less of an action word as an adverb. Chiecko Okasaki has said that perfection includes praying for our enemies.

The Beatitudes-Matt 5:1-12: 1. Poor/Wealth 2. Mourn/Comfort 3. Meek/Inherit 4. Hungry/Filled 5. Merciful/Mercy 6. Pure/God 7. Peacemakers/Sons 8. Persecuted/Kingdom 9. Insulted/Rejoice


Jenna said...

Then I'm doing better than I thought. Does it count if I'm meek some days and not others? At least I'm working on it. :)

Anonymous said...

yes. nice choice of comments. very real, very true, very knowlagable. return and report
! Agood fact!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you work as hard as you can to attain perfection - and if you're giving your best effort, then you are doing fine. Nobody's perfect, but because we strive to be, we can be, so our effort is enough for now.