Tuesday, February 5, 2008

enrichment survey

1. What topics/activities would you like to see in our Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment meetings? "There is no one you would not love when you once knew their story." How do we share stories??

2. What types of enrichment groups would you like to see this year? Web based monologue, where we can share and actually complete our thoughts and sentences, youtube classes, conversation, fewer meetings

3. What are some topics or areas you would be willing to teach? Women's social/emotional health, relationships, interpersonal communication skills.

4. What are the needs we could fill that you see in the sisters you visit teach? Listen.

5. What service projects would be beneficial to you or those you teach? Listening. Dialog is missing

* * * * *
"I think a lot of hate is really fear, just not being willing to reach out and extend yourself. I would argue that capitalism could encourage hate. Focusing the value of human life on profit and capital means there's less value placed on community, education, and family time. Which leaves us less time to connect, learn and spend time understanding each other." ~Kathy Bisbee


Betty said...
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mckenzi said...
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Scribbit said...

I always wished they'd teach home repair and improvement skills--how to replace light fixtures, basic plumbing issues, that kind of thing. Seems like something is always breaking and I'd like to be able to fix it myself!

I got to teach a blogging class a year ago and had a great time--though I think it blew a few sisters away who weren't very internet savvy :)

mckenzi said...

plumbing, electrical and auto repair.

Anonymous said...

Good ideas, they'd be very beneficial to everyone I'm sure. People need to learn to listen, and internet capability sure is nice for that, eh?