Wednesday, November 7, 2007


The Myth of Perfectionism
by Dr. John Lund

Unrealistic Expectations: The Platonic Ideal- Plato did a number on us [the western civilization]. He introduced the notion of 'Dualism'- separating physical and spiritual. Polarizing and demonizing "corrupt" material from "perfect" spiritual ideals. * President Gordon B. Hinckley has said that is inherently a pessimistic doctrine and incorrect. Yet a lot of people have bought into this "platonic ideal" that if something is not absolutely "perfect" then we are not good enough. * Catholics and Jews wrestled with ‘Hellenism’, a philosophical foundation of the Greeks. Greeks worked hard to convert the Jews. They set up 10 cities east of Galilee called the Copulas and two universities. The reactionary group, the orthodox Jews in opposition to this came up with 613 commandments. Catholics have the 7 sacraments to transcend "corrupt" mortality into the ideal world of God. Protestants said this is a gap no man can cross. We will have to rely on grace vs. works. * The Prophet Joseph Smith revealed there is no dualism. It is a single. “As man is God once was. As God is man may become”. Even spirit is 'material', just more refined matter in nature. We are not traditional platonic Christians. * There are those in the church who still want to adhere to a platonic ideal. They set up an impossible standard that neither they nor anyone else can live up to. It makes us vulnerable. Perfectionism afflicts the church. This is a dangerous thought process. Frustration comes from disappointment. Unrealistic ideals rob us of ability to focus..on this season of life.
* * *
"Let her alone. Her sins, which are many, are forgiven, becouse she loved much, and did what she could."

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