Tuesday, November 6, 2007


For dangerous thought processes.

*Filtering- Shift focus, no need to magnify

*Polarized thinking- Think in percenetages, not black and white judgment

*Overgeneralization-Quanitify- evidence for conclusion? There are no absolutes.

*Mind reading- Check it out- Evidence for conclusion

*Catastriphizing- Realistic Odds

*Personalization-Check it out- Evidence for conclusion - Why risk comparison?

*Control fallacy-I make it happen- Each one is responsible

*Fallacy of Fairness- Preference vs. fairness

*Emotional Reasoning- Feelings can lie

*Global Labeling- Be specific

*Blaming- I make it happen-Each one is responsible

*Shoulds- flexible values, not pharasee strick rule keeping, letter vs spirit of the law

*Being Right- Active Listening

*Heaven’s reward Fallacy, Matry syndrom- The Reward is Now

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